26 FEBRUARY 2016

Cindy Waples – CHSA/HMSACF Mt Pleasant/Gumeracha, Sue Ferres – CHSA Riverland Mallee Coorong Region, Bridgette Van Den Brink and Kristi Luneta – Jallarah Homes Inc, Dawn Hilditch, Maggie Hayward and Di Adams – Hamley Bridge Hospital, Kathy Fahey – CHSA, Tania Woolford – Mt View Homes Inc, Marlene Durdin and Gail Harding – Wheatfields Inc.

Matt Kowald – Barossa Village, Millie Foulis – CHSA Orroroo, Tania Drever – CHSA

Gail welcomed everyone present and enquired as to those present having received certificates of attendance for previous meetings for their CPD points. Gail will print off certificates for todays’ meeting.

There have been some changes in Aged care in relation to quality, on the agency’s website in the February issue of Quality Standard there is a special edition on ‘Let’s talk about quality’.

Non Agenda Items:
– It was great to have Steven present at the last meeting to explain the new platform.
– ACQA meetings are very helpful
– Budget issues:
– Fire drills and bushfire preparedness. There was further discussion on the necessity to have made the decision regarding leaving or staying before the fire even starts. Your plans need to state now what you are doing and plan for that. We were told that to successfully evacuate a facility of 50 beds you will need at least 6 hours. Therefore those decisions should not be made on the day.
– A general discussion of different experiences on the day of the bushfire. A CFS regional support person can review a facilities bushfire plan and may be able to offer suggestions. They will not sign it off or give its approval.
– After fire recovery plans are essential and ACS is going to distribute a list of tasks that need to be completed post fire. eg air conditioner cleaning and generator availability.
– Non Smoking facility

Hamley Bridge- Has a concern about volunteers conducting activities with residents and no staff present. It was suggested that conducting risk assessments on the activities could highlight any issues.

Wheatfields- TAFE has funding for Cert IV in Leisure & Lifestyle course and Wheatfields currently has a young man in that course and working 2 days a week.

Booleroo Centre- has an issue with a male resident who is physically abusive to staff and they contacted DBMAS for advice and found them less than helpful. Gail spoke about the issues Wheatfields had also encountered and suggested that they contact Natasha Forward at residential@aged.community.asn.au

Contact Maria Alford who is at Hammond Care and they are managing the new initiative from the Commonwealth. You will get great assistance from there. They have been able to fund 1:1 care in some instances while drugs or management strategies have taken effect. Her email address is malford@hammond.com.au

Another avenue could be Anywhere Healthcare to arrange a psychogeriatric consultation via Skype.

The Country Health staff spoke on the frustration of having to report in the different formats ACQA, Leecare, SLS without being allocated extra time.

Wheatfields- has had consultants in (AJ Case) similar to Provider Assist to review the ACFI documentations and therefore has had a significant increase in funding.

Wheatfields has contracted the services of a physiotherapist so we are able to claim a 4b. The cost for the 4 day a week service is $1,400 per week but the funding increase is $8,000 per day. It is important that facilities maximise their funding as much as possible as the government is planning to reduce funding for Complex Health needs from 1 July 2016.

Assessment and Care Planning Audit

1. Tools: Guidelines for completing audit tools the link doesn’t work
2. Sample size of 25% needs to be added with the exclusion of Care Recipients under assessment.
4. The word assessment has been misspelt.
6. The link to National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards doesn’t work; there are new draft standards that can be accessed online.

Update review date

2 & 3 links don’t work due to Dept name change – need to restore

The numbering system online is different to the numbering on the printed document.

System & Process Audit Criteria
5. Have all Care Recipients’ clinical care needs been reviewed and evaluated in accordance with the home’s schedule? Change home’s to facilities
8. Is there a system to ensure that all Care Recipients Advance Care Directives are known to all (add relevant) staff with in the home (change to facility).

Audit Criteria – Care Plans
15. Do all Care Recipients’ Care Plans include a current photo? Add “include a recognisable photo”
16. Are all changes to Care Plans dated and signed, including staff members printed name and designation?
Add including electronic signatures where appropriate.

Audit Criteria – Care Recipients with Complex Health Care Needs
Care recipients with wounds?
Add a new question between 2 and 3
Have all wound management plans been reviewed by an RN?

Re Palliative care plan
Does the palliative care plan include ‘Assessment and Management of Physical Symptoms? (EO 2.4) (Refer to guidelines pg 8 & 9) which guidelines does this relate to?

Maggie & Dawn (Hamley Bridge) – purchased 2 Pill crushers (Jeannie) for approx $900, they have been very well received.

Kristi & Bridgette (Jallarah) – has accreditation coming up and would like some suggestions for Leisure & Lifestyle activities. Discussion on the use of Daily Forms for recording everything not just exception reporting.

Sue Ferres (CHSA) Asset tracker – links expected outcomes to the procedure, borrowed it from Barossa Hills group.

Wheatfields gets legislative list from the ACS.

Tania (Mt View Homes) – As an activity they made and sold poppies last year and donated the money raised to Legacy.

Cindy (Gumeracha) – In response to a wandering resident they put up a rope across doorways and this proved successful.

Gail (Wheatfields) – Has ordered a bookshelf poster for the dementia wing to camouflage doors that we don’t want wandering care recipients to enter. In relation to a resistive, potentially abusive care recipient the Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator has been working to build a rapport with her while wearing an apron with a large smiley face on it, in the hope that the care recipient will be responsive to any staff member wearing the apron.
At a recent meeting the care recipients were asked to suggest 10 things costing around $100 that could be purchased to make the facility more homely. The items would be purchased from the raffle money from last Christmas and this Easter’s raffles. So far a stereo system for Hanisch wing has been bought.
As an activity the Leisure & Lifestyle staff are aiming at producing 1,000 pot plants to be given away to the local community to help in the locals re green their properties following the recent fires. Once the plants are established and ready to go Wheatfields will invite people to come and pick up the pot plants.

Item 4 Audit review
Medication Chart Audit
The following guidelines should be included on all audits
1. Refer to the timetable and check which audits are due for the current month.
2. Download the relevant audit template from the website (and any other guidelines).
3. Ensure the staff member conducting the audit is appropriately skilled and competent to carry out the audit.
4. Check the sample size required: The sample size for this audit is 25%
5. Collect or access the relevant documentation you will need to complete the audit.
6. Ensure all audits are completed before the due date i.e. by the 15th of the following month the audit is due.
7. Submit the completed audit on-line by midnight on the 15th of the following month the audits is due, to ensure you are included in the comparative reports.
8. Ensure you complete an “action plan” to demonstrate how you will address the issues identified.

Documents to be reviewed: add Pharmacist report (MMR)

Where the term medication chart is used change this to medication record except when is refers to Standard 4: Medication Charts.

Other National Standards:

4. Guiding principles for medication management in residential aged care facilities please check that the link is to the correct document (Oct 2012 or Sept 2013)

Update review date

Audit criteria
4 Do all medication ‘charts’ records include a recognisable photo of the care recipient? Please check what the agency refers to as a recognisable photo.
9 Change ‘authorized’ to authorised.
14 Change ‘authorized’ to authorised.
14 If the care recipient is ordered crushed medications are there instructions on the record for the administration
17 Please remove the reference to ‘standing orders’ as this term is no longer applicable.
23 Please change to read- According to your facilities Policy, Procedures and guidelines do all medications records include the date of the next scheduled review and/ or medicines reconciliation activities?

There was some discussion on the venue for the next meeting and it was suggested that we rotate and hold a meeting at another facility. Gail will take this back to the Board meeting.

Meeting closed 3.15 pm

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