Dear Members,

Based on feedback from users, we have added a small number of bug fixes to the system and launched a number of new features. These improvements include:

  1. Announcements – in the top right hand corner of your screen, you will see a speech bubble with a number next to it. Click on the speech bubble and you will see a number of Announcements from ACQA. This is a great place to stay in the loop on system enhancements and upcoming Network Meetings.
  2. Copy Button – you will find a copy button on all forms now. Clicking the copy button will copy all of the data across into a new form – a great time saver!
  3. Update registered email address – in the top right hand corner when you log in, you’ll see a label that says “Welcome <yourname>”. Clicking on this, you can change your password, or you can update your profile information including your email address. Check now to see that yours is up-to-date.

All that, plus a number of other minor enhancements and bug fixes for printing graphs and exporting data.

We value your feedback and your suggestions greatly improve the system and services we offer. As you are using the system, if you think, “I wish it could do this or that” then send an email to and we’ll use your feedback to plan future enhancements.

Stay tuned for more regular updates!

Active Quality Support Team

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