Dear Members,

We are continuing to roll out new and revised Audits and updates to the audit timetable to help you monitor compliance and support your accreditation activities against the current and new standards.

This month, we are releasing the following new/updated Audits:

  1. Feedback Management Audit
  2. Hand Hygiene Environment Audit
  3. Medication Chart Audit

Important!  When you complete the new and updated Audits for the first time, we encourage you to look closely and ensure you identify each and every non-compliance possible.

Recording non-compliance will give you a realistic baseline against the new Standards, and allow you to plan and implement actions and show improvement. This approach may also help provide useful evidence during an Accreditation visit and/or contribute towards demonstrating your transition to the new Standards.

In the next 2 weeks, we will release the following new and updated Audits:

  1. Infection Control Audit (including Anti-microbial Stewardship)
  2. Leisure, Health and Wellbeing Audit
  3. Medication Management Audit

Stay tuned for announcements on those.

As you complete the Audits, if you have feedback, please use this quick and easy form:

Special thanks to members who have contributed and provided feedback so far. More to follow!

-Steve Charman, for the ACQA Committee

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