Dear Members,

Further to our previous Public Announcement, we wanted to offer more detail as to changes in this release. As part of this release, we have made a number of changes to the audit timetable.

New Audits Added

We have added three audits; (1) Food Safety Audit, (2) Infection Control Audit, and (3) Privacy and Security.

The Food Safety Audit was not previously timetabled and was an optional audit in our system. In line with the new Standards, the updated Food Safety Audit has been re-added and will be completed by sites on a quarterly basis.

The Infection Control Audit has been updated and now includes the Anti-microbial Stewardship provisions.

The Privacy and Security Audit covers the Australian Privacy Principles.

Audits Merged or Removed

We have removed two audits; (1) Medication Chart, and (2) Information Management.

Medication Chart auditing has been integrated into Medication Management, and Information Management has been replaced by Organisational Governance.

If you need to get access to your historic audits, you can still access them from the left hand menu.

Member Feedback

As always your feedback is valuable. You can provide feedback via our online feedback survey, in-person at a Network Meeting, or directly via email to

Looking forward to helping you with your transition to the new Standards and beyond.

-Steve Charman, on behalf of the ACQA Committee

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