ACQA is pleased to announce our second major release of updates relating to the changes required for the new Aged Care Single Quality Framework.

On the first of July 2018, we published our first major release with updates on all our existing audits to reference the new Standards. Throughout July, August and September, we released several new and updated audits based on input from our members.

As of today, we have now deployed our second major release of updates to tools and audits, with enhanced detail, updated wording and better coverage of the new and relevant Standards. Our audits reference the Single Quality Framework, the Diversity Framework and Anti-microbial Stewardship, and will continue to reference the existing Quality of Care Principles throughout 2019 (for those sites who are still accredited under the old Standards).

These updates are the result of hundreds of hours working together. The ACQA committee thanks new and existing members for their contribution. Access to these audits will no doubt assist our members in rapidly transitioning to the new Standards.

We anticipate Network Meetings this year will be more important than ever. We encourage you to review the audits before the events, and come prepared with your questions and suggestions.

If you are not yet a member, and looking for help with the transition to the Single Quality Framework, please get in touch below, and one of our members will show you through the system.


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