Today ACQA is pleased to announce general availability of our brand new Aged Care Risk Management tool.

Our Aged Care Risk Tool is the culmination of several months work, and has been developed in partnership with our member services and providers.

Risk Categories

You can develop a comprehensive Risk Register, tailored to your service, with coverage for the following categories of risk:

  • Consumer Risks
  • Staff Risks
  • Security or Safety Risks
  • Service or Business Continuity Risks
  • Financial Risks
  • Environmental Risks

Risk Classifications and ratings for Likelihood and Consequence are standardised across the tool, to allow for accurate and consistent classification of Risks.

Risk Management Process

You can quickly and easily capture, assess, control and monitor your risks, including the following features:

  • Risk Classification and Assessment
  • Standardised Liklihood and Consequence descriptors and ratings
  • Mitigated and Unmitigated Risk Ratings
  • Preventative and Corrective Controls
  • Risk Ownership and Review Management

The tool is live now, and available free of charge to existing members.

Join our Webinar

To help you get started, we’ll be running an introductory Webinar in 2 weeks. The Wedinar will give attendees a head start with practical guidance on how to assess and manage Risk.

Attendance is free. Click here to reserve your place:

Special Thanks

A big thank you to all members who participated in co-design workshops and provided input into the tool.

– Steve Charman, on behalf of the ACQA Committee.

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