Dear Members,

We have been working through the Draft Standards, and authoring changes to our tools and audits.

Updates to tools and audits

We have updated references on our existing audits to map the new Standards – those are available now. A rewrite of two of the audits have been completed and are being applied to the system now. There are another 9 rewritten audits that are in review.

While the current standards are in draft format, and the Agency is still to confirm many of the details, the ACQA Committee believes that the direction of the new Standards is extremely positive. We are looking forward to supporting their implementation.

Transitional period

The transitional period commences 1 July 2018. Based on feedback from the Agency, while you will not be accredited under the new standards until 1 July 2019, you will be expected to demonstrate that you have commenced planning for transition.

During the transition period, our audits will cross-reference both the current standards and the new standards.

Network Meetings

Save the date! Our next meeting is 31/08/2018 at Gumeracha Hospital. Upcoming meetings will be a valuable source of information and support for your transition to the new Standards.

If you have any questions with regards to the new Standards, please contact Gail Harding, You input is always appreciated.

– Steve Charman, on behalf of the ACQA Committee

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