Share the load and get support and practical ideas from other nurse managers and consultants.

It is so important to remain connected with your peers during this time of incredible uncertainty because it is too easy to fall into despair created by fear and isolation. The aged care industry has been rocked by the effects of the COVID-19, being forced into lockdown. With all these changes and restrictions, day-to-day tasks have become that much harder. We want you to know that you are not alone in this. ACQA’s community is here to support you in what way we can through intimate online peer support and mentoring groups.

ACQA is creating these spaces for you to gather with seven like-minded peers who are similarly affected to share concerns, ideas, and moments of hope during these difficult times. Gail Harding, an experienced aged care nurse, Director of Nursing, and the Chairman of ACQA, will be joining you as well for extra support. Whether you have questions or just need someone to listen, we are hoping these peer support and mentoring groups can help you to build your resilience and maintain a healthy mental wellbeing.

Who: Active Quality and ACQA members,


Tuesday 14/04 and 28/04,

Wednesday 15/04 and 29/04

Thursday 16/04 and 30/04

Time: 2-3pm.

Where: Zoom video chatroom. You will receive a link the day before the event upon registering (you do not need to download the application),

Cost: FREE!

If you would like to learn more and register head over to our Eventbrite page here:

There is a limited number of spaces available so don’t wait to book!

Stay safe and we hope to see you at one of our peer support and mentoring groups soon.

The Active Quality and ACQA Team.

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